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Starting new a/c sleeper, a/c seater, non a/c buses starting between laxettipet/jagityal to pune/mumbai via armoor / nizamabad / bodhan
phone booking available for details call us on 9348010666
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Daily services from hyderabad to pune, mumbai, chennai, coimbatore, bangalore, vishakapatnam, kakinada.
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Cargo service available as well

The bus(Mercendes Benz) used for service is more comfortable and the response from the driver or the cleaner in the bus is good...!
Sindhusha, Hyderabad

I really enjoyed the journey in orange. It was such a great experience. I just surprised in the very good and polite behavior of ur crew...!
Anoop, Pune

I felt that it was like flight journey, such a good service provided by Orange. Staff is very much professional in all aspects...!
Vicky, Chennai

Orange Travels really created a WOW feeling during this trip in all Aspects...!
Prasad, Bangalore